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How is this Reporting Done?
To collect more informative new stories from the Internet those existing volunteer 'ad-hoc' untrained 'reporter' individuals write-up their comments and include the associated MSM news story links and save them, POST them on Facebook, on the individual 'reporter's' FB page. Consequently only otherFB users who are FB friends with those 'reporters' can see these comments and click-through to read the news stories which prompted the progressive 'reporter' to post them on  FB.  That process limits the number of people who know about the stories, read the 'reporter's' comments and read part or all of the story online to which the associated link takes the web browsing reader.

This CAGI site just might make such progressive new finding, sorting, and reading and sharing better.  And when fully developed, this CAGI site will let 'reporters' cross-post their comments and the news story links to FB and their FB friends. Furthermore all such reporters will be able to contribute their "news analysis" to the contributed news stories. That activitiy "raises" the thoughtfulness and challenged the intelligence and need for all us 'reporters'  to learn more about the issue and the stories.

VOLUNTEER NOW.  If you are such an eager civilian Green or DSA member and would-be  reporter, or if you are someone in another US progressive party, please sign up for an account on this CAGI web site.  From the "Main Menu" on most site web pages use (click on) the Community->Registration menu items, in that two step order, to get to the registration web page to sign up. In the Registration web form provided, where a form field has an asterix beside it"*" fill in all your required personal, educational and professional information; elsewhere on the same form add voluntarily any additional information about your background, experience, motivations and availability. Review all the data you provided, then click the Submit button at the bottom of the form.

After you click Submit the date in sign-up web form is save in the user database of the CAGI web site site. In a few seconds or a few minutes you will receive an email from the site with your name, you preferred username, both of which you entered in the registration form, and a temporary password created by the web site. Click the link in the email. That will take your browser to the login page for this web site.

Login to this site when you see the login page on the CAGI site. Immediately change your password to one you can always remember and want to use for months or years to come. After you login successfully, on the right hand side of most site web pages will be another menu: User Menu.  In it are several content creation actions you can perform: Submit new content article to the site. Submit a new web link to the site. Click Submit a new web link.

You will get a web page with empty fields suggesting what web link data you can provide.  Fill in those fields.  Then click Submit to save the new web link.  In this way you can start submitting your news stories, one by one, each as new web link for this site. Add in the 'comments field for a new web link your analysis of why the story is so important to you and should be to other progressives. Once posted to the web site, by me the web site administrator, all site readers can see your news story title, the story's web link, and your comments. But those site users with a login account can also add their comments to yours about why the story -- and maybe your comments -- is or are important.