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How Can Progressive Candidates for Office Use the Aggregated News Available on this CAGI Web Site?
Our progressive candidates for public office may want to "read up" on such news stories and, with smart phones in hand, consult online before and while giving speeches which news stories prove the points they are trying to make to the public the candidate wants to vote them into office. But progressives in the Green Parties of the USA, Greens, still have no one to represent us in Congress. The DSA, the Democratic Socialists of America, by a 'fluke' in the 2016 election season that will not be repeated in 2020, have 29-30 years old former bar tender Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the House of Representative.  Her presence there is so "unusual" (and also threatening to the establishment politicians there) that she is getting a great deal of national news coverage, at least she has from Jan-April 2018.  The fluke that got her into office? In her small Queens congressional district near New York City, the long time Congressman who was reelected many times refused to run against her.  So the DSA has ONE member in the House of Representatives of Congress as least until Jan. 2021.  Meanwhile members of the Socialist and Communist parties in the USA, also legal parties, probably have no representatives in state legislatures and in the US Congress.

I'm a Green. Few to no US state legislatures have progressives, especially Green Party progressives, in their legislature.  We the "progressive party membership", be we Greens, DSA or other progressive party members, and the more concerned and active activists among us all, need to cultivate a much greater following among more progressives, of course, but also create an increasing following of progressive democrats, independents and libertarians as well.  We progressives of any one party or probably if all the progressive parties cannot vote en-mass and get one candidate elected President or to our state's legislature!  The not yet progressive public voters we attract need to want to know about our respective progressive party's issues and candidates for office.  Originally this group of additional 'reporters' I will continue to recruit to help me develop the CAGI were to provide news stories that would benefit and motivate only the California Green party and its candidates. But now it must help the members of all progressive parties and their candidates for office nation-wide.