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In my opinion and the opinion of the few existing USGI and CAGI reporters' I've recruited who have shown interest in contributing news story content to this site, or to both sites, we believe the current and future news stories found and presented to site visitors of this USGI and the other CAGI web site need to be EDUCATIONAL.  Hence I and the other potential 'reporters', if and when they accept their invitations, would have the opportunity on these sites to provide their comments -- perhaps in more detail -- saying why the news story they are submitting to this site is important to them. 

In general we who are or will be reporting in this 'second-hand' way on one or both these sites will be sure the news stories collected here are very important for other progressives to know about, understand, remember, talk about with other progressives and with the general public.  Very likely other progressives probably do not monitor their state's news and the nation's main stream news media like we do.  Maybe this site's collection and re-presentation of those news stories -- some with progressive analyses and comments here -- will give all progressives a One Stop Shopping Opportunity to catch up on what some, perhaps more and more, progressives like them, are thinking about. 

But that ideal said, I very much hope this site will soon allow progressives who have not volunteered to be 'reporters', but who also have login accounts on this site, to contribute their comments to each web linked news story. Some such progressives who ask for and are given (so far by me) "authoring" privileges on this site will also be able to write-up longer comments or essays as articles on this site saying why one or more or a special collection of news stories referenced on this site are so important. THAT kind of expanding progressive-public interaction with the news story content aggregated on this USGI and on the CAGI web site, if and when it happens, can become very politically EDUCATIONAL.