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I have four college degrees but none of them in Journalism.  And I am now 75 at this writing.  Since 'reporting' and site content development by myself has been such a tedious, time consuming, job for several years, as of Dec. 10, 2018, I changed my first priority for the continuing content development of this (USGI) site, and a companion California Green Ideas (CAGI) site, to finding more 'reporters'.  To make a long story short, I still have not been successful recruiting any, let alone getting grants to them. But I have identified several.

Nevertheless since I continue to use only the Facebook social media platform and no others, I still want these reporters to at least be other progressive Facebook (FB) users who are obviously more observant, selective, and smarter than other 'political' news and opinions posters tend to be on FB, I look for those who also are stronger, more intelligent, articulate, and give more clear evidence of being real USA Green progressives determined to help educate other progressives via Facebook.  Maybe in some next search for 'reporters' they will know like minded and enabled progressives on other social media platforms and help recruit them

To me that also means they: (1) are not haters. (2) They are progressives who are emotionally stable and... (3) That without any prompting to do so from me, or from future site content editors, they also are already finding and offering us other progressive users of Facebook important main-stream-media (MSM) and alternative news stories of-the-day and their comments about these stories.  I.e. these prospective USGI and CAGI site reporters "stand out" because occasionally they offer to their social media friends and readers their personal news analysis of each story (as best they can).  And sometimes also they have copied links to the mostly A+ most informative, and/or most alarming, main stream media news reports of interest, most of us would assume, to all progressives in the states and territories of the USA.