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More progressives in the USA need to know and become better able to talk about the news that most effects not just The Common Good of 99% of Americans or which strenghtens and fortifies or which weakens or destroys Democracy in the USA, but which also affects us, our progressive parties and our candidates' campaigns.  And we need to do so more intelligently and constructively if our progressive parties are to be more functional, efficient and effective in creating an emerging and lasting progressive majority of voters in the USA.  And we must do so if our progressive party candidates are to be more successful in future elections at the local, county, state and national level. 

I, JGW this site's founder, builder, administrator and so far sole site content provider have tried in my way to also be a 'news aggregator'. So far that term means I have found myself being more of a news collector, and news story contributor to this site. Were I not the only person doing this and there was at least one other, then I would also be the 'lead news aggregator' for this site.  And for what its worth my "news aggregation efforts' have become more systematic over the years.

But more simply put my primary goal for this site has evolved to want this site to be a News History site, and that news history will show "trends" for better or worse in political, social and economic well being nationally and in all our US states and territories.  To accomplish that goal I've learned that the news history must be, as it partially is now and will be a history "sorted" firstly by major news topic, but then also by sub-topic.  To show trends over time, that news by major and minor news topic history must be extensive; it must cover decades of news and have multiple indexes "into" those news items so the site user can "browse" through news items at will and can educate him or herself in multiple ways about the topics and trends that become more obvious to him or her, be those trends for the better or worse for society and the planet.  In detail then to achieve my primary goal requires I find and include on this web site web links to the most important main stream news stories I think are of most interest other to progressives.  But I also monitor and collect news stories from some more reputable Alternative and Progressive news sources as well. 

However I don't want to be the only such 'reporter',  or news finder and news aggregator for this site. And I don't want to continue to be the only site article writer or amateur news analyst either.  I admit since the 2008 Financial Crisis and subsequent Great Recession, likely to recure again given the "Novel Coronavirus Pandemic" at this writing, I have the need and make the effort to write down my thoughts and feelings about the "news of the day" and of recent weeks, months and years.  But this site is NOT my personal blog.  This is supposed to be or become a progressive educational 'public service' to everyone left of "the far right" conservatives and their very well financed national propaganda machine that have been brain washing, getting their 'drone like' legislators elected to state legislatures, the Red States, and to Congress.  Those right wingers in public office have rewritten so many  and taking over this country and for the last 40+ years!

I have four college degrees but none of them in Journalism.  And I am now 75 at this writing.  Since 'reporting' and site content development by myself has been such a tedious, time consuming, job for several years, as of Dec. 10, 2018, I changed my first priority for the continuing content development of this (USGI) site, and a companion California Green Ideas (CAGI) site, to finding more 'reporters'.  To make a long story short, I still have not been successful recruiting any, let alone getting grants to them. But I have identified several.

Nevertheless since I continue to use only the Facebook social media platform and no others, I still want these reporters to at least be other progressive Facebook (FB) users who are obviously more observant, selective, and smarter than other 'political' news and opinions posters tend to be on FB, I look for those who also are stronger, more intelligent, articulate, and give more clear evidence of being real USA Green progressives determined to help educate other progressives via Facebook.  Maybe in some next search for 'reporters' they will know like minded and enabled progressives on other social media platforms and help recruit them

To me that also means they: (1) are not haters. (2) They are progressives who are emotionally stable and... (3) That without any prompting to do so from me, or from future site content editors, they also are already finding and offering us other progressive users of Facebook important main-stream-media (MSM) and alternative news stories of-the-day and their comments about these stories.  I.e. these prospective USGI and CAGI site reporters "stand out" because occasionally they offer to their social media friends and readers their personal news analysis of each story (as best they can).  And sometimes also they have copied links to the mostly A+ most informative, and/or most alarming, main stream media news reports of interest, most of us would assume, to all progressives in the states and territories of the USA. 


In my opinion and the opinion of the few existing USGI and CAGI reporters' I've recruited who have shown interest in contributing news story content to this site, or to both sites, we believe the current and future news stories found and presented to site visitors of this USGI and the other CAGI web site need to be EDUCATIONAL.  Hence I and the other potential 'reporters', if and when they accept their invitations, would have the opportunity on these sites to provide their comments -- perhaps in more detail -- saying why the news story they are submitting to this site is important to them. 

In general we who are or will be reporting in this 'second-hand' way on one or both these sites will be sure the news stories collected here are very important for other progressives to know about, understand, remember, talk about with other progressives and with the general public.  Very likely other progressives probably do not monitor their state's news and the nation's main stream news media like we do.  Maybe this site's collection and re-presentation of those news stories -- some with progressive analyses and comments here -- will give all progressives a One Stop Shopping Opportunity to catch up on what some, perhaps more and more, progressives like them, are thinking about. 

But that ideal said, I very much hope this site will soon allow progressives who have not volunteered to be 'reporters', but who also have login accounts on this site, to contribute their comments to each web linked news story. Some such progressives who ask for and are given (so far by me) "authoring" privileges on this site will also be able to write-up longer comments or essays as articles on this site saying why one or more or a special collection of news stories referenced on this site are so important. THAT kind of expanding progressive-public interaction with the news story content aggregated on this USGI and on the CAGI web site, if and when it happens, can become very politically EDUCATIONAL.

How Can Progressive Candidates for Office Use the Aggregated News Available on this CAGI Web Site?
Our progressive candidates for public office may want to "read up" on such news stories and, with smart phones in hand, consult online before and while giving speeches which news stories prove the points they are trying to make to the public the candidate wants to vote them into office. But progressives in the Green Parties of the USA, Greens, still have no one to represent us in Congress. The DSA, the Democratic Socialists of America, by a 'fluke' in the 2016 election season that will not be repeated in 2020, have 29-30 years old former bar tender Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the House of Representative.  Her presence there is so "unusual" (and also threatening to the establishment politicians there) that she is getting a great deal of national news coverage, at least she has from Jan-April 2018.  The fluke that got her into office? In her small Queens congressional district near New York City, the long time Congressman who was reelected many times refused to run against her.  So the DSA has ONE member in the House of Representatives of Congress as least until Jan. 2021.  Meanwhile members of the Socialist and Communist parties in the USA, also legal parties, probably have no representatives in state legislatures and in the US Congress.

I'm a Green. Few to no US state legislatures have progressives, especially Green Party progressives, in their legislature.  We the "progressive party membership", be we Greens, DSA or other progressive party members, and the more concerned and active activists among us all, need to cultivate a much greater following among more progressives, of course, but also create an increasing following of progressive democrats, independents and libertarians as well.  We progressives of any one party or probably if all the progressive parties cannot vote en-mass and get one candidate elected President or to our state's legislature!  The not yet progressive public voters we attract need to want to know about our respective progressive party's issues and candidates for office.  Originally this group of additional 'reporters' I will continue to recruit to help me develop the CAGI were to provide news stories that would benefit and motivate only the California Green party and its candidates. But now it must help the members of all progressive parties and their candidates for office nation-wide.

How is this Reporting Done?
To collect more informative new stories from the Internet those existing volunteer 'ad-hoc' untrained 'reporter' individuals write-up their comments and include the associated MSM news story links and save them, POST them on Facebook, on the individual 'reporter's' FB page. Consequently only otherFB users who are FB friends with those 'reporters' can see these comments and click-through to read the news stories which prompted the progressive 'reporter' to post them on  FB.  That process limits the number of people who know about the stories, read the 'reporter's' comments and read part or all of the story online to which the associated link takes the web browsing reader.

This CAGI site just might make such progressive new finding, sorting, and reading and sharing better.  And when fully developed, this CAGI site will let 'reporters' cross-post their comments and the news story links to FB and their FB friends. Furthermore all such reporters will be able to contribute their "news analysis" to the contributed news stories. That activitiy "raises" the thoughtfulness and challenged the intelligence and need for all us 'reporters'  to learn more about the issue and the stories.

VOLUNTEER NOW.  If you are such an eager civilian Green or DSA member and would-be  reporter, or if you are someone in another US progressive party, please sign up for an account on this CAGI web site.  From the "Main Menu" on most site web pages use (click on) the Community->Registration menu items, in that two step order, to get to the registration web page to sign up. In the Registration web form provided, where a form field has an asterix beside it"*" fill in all your required personal, educational and professional information; elsewhere on the same form add voluntarily any additional information about your background, experience, motivations and availability. Review all the data you provided, then click the Submit button at the bottom of the form.

After you click Submit the date in sign-up web form is save in the user database of the CAGI web site site. In a few seconds or a few minutes you will receive an email from the site with your name, you preferred username, both of which you entered in the registration form, and a temporary password created by the web site. Click the link in the email. That will take your browser to the login page for this web site.

Login to this site when you see the login page on the CAGI site. Immediately change your password to one you can always remember and want to use for months or years to come. After you login successfully, on the right hand side of most site web pages will be another menu: User Menu.  In it are several content creation actions you can perform: Submit new content article to the site. Submit a new web link to the site. Click Submit a new web link.

You will get a web page with empty fields suggesting what web link data you can provide.  Fill in those fields.  Then click Submit to save the new web link.  In this way you can start submitting your news stories, one by one, each as new web link for this site. Add in the 'comments field for a new web link your analysis of why the story is so important to you and should be to other progressives. Once posted to the web site, by me the web site administrator, all site readers can see your news story title, the story's web link, and your comments. But those site users with a login account can also add their comments to yours about why the story -- and maybe your comments -- is or are important.