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More progressives in the USA need to know and become better able to talk about the news that most effects not just The Common Good of 99% of Americans or which strenghtens and fortifies or which weakens or destroys Democracy in the USA, but which also affects us, our progressive parties and our candidates' campaigns.  And we need to do so more intelligently and constructively if our progressive parties are to be more functional, efficient and effective in creating an emerging and lasting progressive majority of voters in the USA.  And we must do so if our progressive party candidates are to be more successful in future elections at the local, county, state and national level. 

I, JGW this site's founder, builder, administrator and so far sole site content provider have tried in my way to also be a 'news aggregator'. So far that term means I have found myself being more of a news collector, and news story contributor to this site. Were I not the only person doing this and there was at least one other, then I would also be the 'lead news aggregator' for this site.  And for what its worth my "news aggregation efforts' have become more systematic over the years.

But more simply put my primary goal for this site has evolved to want this site to be a News History site, and that news history will show "trends" for better or worse in political, social and economic well being nationally and in all our US states and territories.  To accomplish that goal I've learned that the news history must be, as it partially is now and will be a history "sorted" firstly by major news topic, but then also by sub-topic.  To show trends over time, that news by major and minor news topic history must be extensive; it must cover decades of news and have multiple indexes "into" those news items so the site user can "browse" through news items at will and can educate him or herself in multiple ways about the topics and trends that become more obvious to him or her, be those trends for the better or worse for society and the planet.  In detail then to achieve my primary goal requires I find and include on this web site web links to the most important main stream news stories I think are of most interest other to progressives.  But I also monitor and collect news stories from some more reputable Alternative and Progressive news sources as well. 

However I don't want to be the only such 'reporter',  or news finder and news aggregator for this site. And I don't want to continue to be the only site article writer or amateur news analyst either.  I admit since the 2008 Financial Crisis and subsequent Great Recession, likely to recure again given the "Novel Coronavirus Pandemic" at this writing, I have the need and make the effort to write down my thoughts and feelings about the "news of the day" and of recent weeks, months and years.  But this site is NOT my personal blog.  This is supposed to be or become a progressive educational 'public service' to everyone left of "the far right" conservatives and their very well financed national propaganda machine that have been brain washing, getting their 'drone like' legislators elected to state legislatures, the Red States, and to Congress.  Those right wingers in public office have rewritten so many  and taking over this country and for the last 40+ years!