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Site News as of 18.07.11

Data Entry of over 700 "recent" news weblinks has finally begun!  Due to dire technical difficulties preventing my upgrading this
or any Joomla! site I was building, from 2013 though fall 2016 the Joomla Core Developers provided NO FUNCTIONAL additional
code nor did they recommend any proven most effect 3rd party Joomla extenstion developer's "site upgrading" extension code
that would perform the Joomla upgrade -- from the old major version of J1.5 through J2.5 to J3.x -- correctly. 
I realized any additional news articles of interest to progressives which I found on the Internet, I could not post on this site yet.
Instead I archived them all in an off-site in special file, which became quite large.  Besides my on-going CAGI site upgrade
and clean-up work, which continued, I added news weblinks to the archive "often" from 2012.08 through 2018.07
Before 2012.08 I had added 825 news weblinks beginning March 2010.

After much preparation and some testing to start to determine the best way or ways to perform data entry of the weblinks, e.g. from the front-end of the site as a logged in "ordinary" site user, and as an administrator or site manage type site administraor logged into the back-end of this site, I started the 5-8 years long post-poned data entry work. Since 2012 I had archivied news articles I found usually online and usually daily as I browsed the Internet, putting what I thought most relevant news for progressives in a separate word-processing file I stored on my main home-office computer. However finally this Wednesday, 2018 July, 11, I, JGW site founder and lead (aka only) site content developer began the web link data entry.  The process was slow as I've never tried to data enter web links this way before.  And this first attempt I data entered just the first very few of those archived weblinks I put there in August 2012.

I assume I'll get faster.  Refine my d.e. work processes.  Write-up those WL d.e. work processes.  Then MAYBE I can invite other GP and/or progressive volunteers to join me in the weblink data entery work.