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Since Feb. 2012 some GPCA events are listed on an official CALENDAR page. However that official calendar page is not yet accessible by way of the official Drupal site. To get to that official GPCA Calendar page from here, click the following link...

The CAGreens Nation Builder Site's Calendar Page

Notes about GPCA Events posted on this unofficial CAGI Site: Hopefully "sooner than later" (especially if there is a greater demand), I (jgw) will create "cross-site-linkups" between Events posted on this site, any GPCA events posted on the Facebook Green Party of California discussion group, and any events posted on the new web site.

Not only I, but the GPCA IT people in general need to work out how all GP sites can auto-magically "cross-post" some articles and events. Until then, an event creator or editor needs to manually create the same event on one, two or all of the official and unofficial GPCA web sites they know about.

There are some Public GPCA Events and a few GPCA Working Group teleconference events listed here now.  On this site here can also be Private GPCA Invitation-Only Events, pending having the ability to set them up on the official GPCA site.

On this site there are In-Development Events that for the time-being only logged in registered site users can see.

Whoever in the GPCA (or in a local GPCA chapter) is in charge of an event can make an in-development event here first, then make that event public here whenever they like. I (jgw) will arrange to transfer (or copy) your events posted here to the official GPCA web site when that site is ready to receive the information.

Please log in to see lists of more online and in-a-building (brick-and-mortar) events, especially the ones in development and not yet made public on this site.

If you find the "Submit an Event" function on this site is too hard to make work AND if you have an article about an upcoming event you think ought to be listed here -- especially if you wrote it yourself -- please log in and submit the article to the "Events" article section and the appropriate N. CA, Central CA, S. CA or All CA category.  Then email me, the site administrator, a "heads-up" email notifying me that you have submitted a "new event article."

Optionally -- until I get too busy doing this work for you -- you can email the complete event details, name, day, time, length of time, location, contact person(s) name, email and phone number in the article and/or in the email.  I will "finish editing" the event you setup here and then "make it public information" on this site.

In any of the above cases, I (and any volunteer event management assistants) will make a suitable Event with this information.  The new event will then appear in the "Events" section of this web site.